Reliability Contract Language

The language is designed to help the Department of Defense and industry identify reliability items for inclusion when drafting a statement of objectives, statement of work, and request for proposal during solicitation and contract execution. The primary purpose of these documents is to ensure that the contractor and the government are in clear agreement on all aspects of the acquisition program. The language is written so that reliability activities are integrated into the design and Systems Engineering process. This language should not be viewed as a set of independent tasks, but as a set of interrelated activities that will help the contractor better understand the use and design of the system while striving to meet the customers' needs.

The language is structured to address specific reliability items common across DoD Components. Components may have specific reliability direction and guidance that are necessary for their acquisition programs; therefore the language can be tailored to meet those needs. This language is designed for MS B; however a significant portion of the language is applicable to pre-MS B contracts and program offices can also tailor the language to fit their particular situation or approach.

The CRG currently offers two sets of reliability contracting language:

  1. General use contracting language — used on all programs
  2. Software specific contracting language — used on software intensive programs

Organizations requesting the contract language should e-mail Please provide your organization's name and which set of language (general or software) you are requesting when sending the e-mail.


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