Center for Reliability Growth

The Center for Reliability Growth (CRG) is a joint AMSAA-AEC partnership that works towards improving reliability by providing policy, guidance, standards, methods, tools, and training. In doing so, reliability, materiel/operational availability, and initial operational testing success rates can be increased while support costs and logistics footprint are decreased.

The CRG maintains a collection of key reliability tools, models, and documents. By capturing and archiving actual test metrics/data, the models and tools are validated and improved. The CRG also applies resources to perform reliability or physics-of-failure analyses for select high-impact projects. Additionally, the CRG develops contract language, methodology, policy, and military handbooks & standards. The CRG allows for return on investment, reduced test time, and reduced O&S cost through the use of design-for-reliability activities.

The CRG Overview* briefing provides addtional insight into the work the CRG team performs.

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AMSAA Mission:
AMSAA Develops and Delivers Analytical Solutions to Enable Materiel Readiness.

AMSAA Vision:
AMSAA is Operationalized to Enable Readiness through Excellence in Analysis.


Mr. Amato

Mr. James Amato
AMSAA Director
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

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